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Neelu's Passion For Craft

Neelu is a proud INDIANA ARTISAN, currently living in Carmel, Indiana.

Growing up in Jaipur, known as the "Artisan city of India", Neelu has always been surrounded by traditional craft and craftsmen. Her passion to learn design and desire to experience craft, propelled her to pursue Apparel Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design in India. She then completed her Masters in Fashion Merchandising from Michigan, USA, while also teaching the undergraduate class.


In 2005, she moved to Japan.

Here, she was drawn to Japanese architecture and gardens, intrigued by their intrinsic simplicity and detailed expression. She started appreciating the Japanese way of life. Rich with culture, simplicity, eye for detail and modesty, Neelu found solace in Japan. And somewhere along this journey,

began her love for Ikebana and Temari. 


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-04 at 11.47.04 AM

Neelu trained with Michiko Shimizu sensei, a very accomplished Temari teacher and Rumiko Matsumura sensei, renowned Ikebana teacher from Sogetsu school.

Shimizu sensei took Neelu under her wings, and this began  a decade of learning and enjoying the art of simple perfection. Encouraged by her teacher, and with immense determination, creativity and endless hours of thread work, Neelu secured “Teacher’s Certification “ in both Temari and Ikebana, from the Japan Temari Association (‘JTA’) and Sogetsu Foundation respectively. 


Since 2010, driven to keep the art of Temari alive and showcasing it to the world, Neelu began developing her own patterns and started teaching the craft . The blend of Japanese and several other cultures represented in her classes, helped create unique and modern expressions of this traditional craft. She now has a compilation of more than 500 illustrated patterns for Temari balls, and has taught students of varied nationalities, many of them now certified, themselves.

Recognition has come from both Japanese and foreign sources in Japan, with Neelu commissioned to present her craft in various exhibitions at embassies, events, competitions, retail outlets and galleries. 

Neelu enjoys using Ikebana and Temari together to transform simple spaces into eye catching & aesthetically pleasing areas.


These crafts have transformed her life in many ways and she continue to spread her passion for Temari and Ikebana to art lovers from all over the world. She teaches to beginners as well as more ambitious learners.

Her classes can be attended either in-person or online.

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