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Temari ( てまり).  In Japanese, "te" is hand, and "mari" is ball.

It is a Japanese traditional folk art. Ladies of 17th century in Japan would  challenge each other on who could embroider the most beautiful designs using scrunched up pieces of silk to create the core of the ball and remnants of old kimonos. Today, Temari balls are made with bright-colored threads, elaborate embroideries, intricate wrappings, stunning stitching and a multitude of patterns.

Originally used as toys, Temari balls became intricate decorative items and are now considered as symbols of love, esteem and honor.  Today, when there are very few craftsmen practicing this art, Temari is highly valued as both an exclusive piece of art, and a cherished gift.

They symbolize deep friendship and loyalty, wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life. It is a perfect “One of a kind” gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, house warming etc

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